Rally In The Pines Rides:
(All of the rides are still pending final approval from the Forest Service.)
Most of the roads and trails in the area have some switchbacks and drop offs. None of the rides in the area are for beginners or for people who may be on medication that makes them dizzy or drowsy or have any other physical handicaps that impair their being able to control their machine at all times. The wearing of helmets is greatly encouraged. Having under body protection on your Side X Side is a very good idea!
This is the Rocky Mountains! Extra gas should be carried on all rides. No one 17 years of age or younger is permitted to drive
on any ride.
Pick Your Adventure!

Scenic Rides: These rides are at a slower pace and have many stops along the way for photo opportunities. Great rides for anyone who wants to take in all the beauty of the area.

Skilled Scenic Rides: This is our most popular category. These rides will require driving skill to complete. They are longer rides and many of the roads and trails will have some rocky or rutted areas.

Challenge Rides: Not only a beautiful ride, but there will be places along the way that will require technical driving skills. Experienced riders only please.

Independent Rides: We offer help and maps for everyone who wants to ride independently and not on a group ride with a group ride leader. When you register you can order one of our maps. We offer 4 different maps: a map of general riding areas close to Rally Park, the historic mine hill, a challenge ride map or a map to good fishing spots.
Please make sure to check the box on the registration form for the map you would like.
In addition, we will have some of our knowledgeable group ride leaders on hand at 4:00pm Wednesday, July 6th and again at 4:00pm Thursday, July 7th at the registration tent at Rally Park to answer trail questions.


Trailered Rides, Non-Trailered Rides & Police Escorted Rides
Police Escort Rides leave right from Rally Park
We offer trailered rides, non-trailered rides, self guided rides and Police escorted rides at Rally In The Pines. The non-trailered rides and police escorted rides are for those who can not or do not wish to trailer to a trail head for their ride. These rides can have up to 20 miles of state, county or BLM roads that you must travel in your SXS or ATV before you arrive at the trail head for the ride. Please see ride descriptions.
Trailered rides start right where the ride should start and has little to no pavement.

Some of the more popular rides we offer as a Police escorted ride on
one day and as a trailered ride on another day.
Your choice which you want to do. See the registration page for details.

Many Great Rides To Choose From:

Mine Hill Loop Ride

Scenic Ride
No width restrictions
Ride leaves from Rally Park.

The Mine Hill Loop Ride takes you for an adventure into the past. You can ride and explore the mining heritage and ghost towns of the area. This is an easy scenic ride with lot's of stops to explore and photo opportunities. A local expert on the area is the group ride leader and gives an interesting look into our western history.

River & Alpine Mountains Ride xxx
Scenic Ride
Trailered Ride.
No width restrictions

You trailer from Rally Park 33 miles to the trail head. There you will start a beautiful Scenic Ride that follows a mountain river to it's headwaters. Multiple streams flow and merge with the river and the alpine mountain peaks tower above you. These peaks average between 9,000 and 11,000 ft. You will enjoy your lunch on the rivers shore. Where you can dangle your feet in the cool mountain water.
Moose, deer and eagles frequent this area. This ride is appox 45 miles.

Bear Creek Summit Ridexxx
Scenic Ride
Police Escort.
No width restrictions

This ride takes you on an appox 85 mile loop as you ascend over two mountain passes. Breathtaking scenery. Many rivers, and streams are along the way. This is an easy ride, but it does have mountain switchbacks and rocky areas. You will visit a small mining ghost town along the way.
Recommended for SXS and larger ATV's.

The Needles Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park.
No width restrictions

Ride right from Rally Park. This ride takes you south of Mackay. The ride is 110 miles. 20 miles of it each way is on good gravel county roads. That is how we can make this an non-trailered ride. We will clip along at the speed limit during those 20 miles. The loop over The Needles is for skilled drivers and is optional. The Needles are beautiful geological formations. Then go into some beautiful mountainous areas with high mountain streams. During the lunch stop by the river, there are trails you can drive on your own.
Bring extra gas. Recommended for SXS and larger ATV's.

Wildhorse Scenic Ride
Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park with the Police escort.
No width restrictions

This ride takes you over the top of the Copper Basin and into a beautiful mountainous area. Peaks tower above you and you will have lunch next to the Wildhorse waterfall. This area is up for wilderness designation, so we are happy to still be able to offer this ride.


SXS Rally

Black Tail Canyon Ride
50 inch width restrictions
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park.

This ride takes you through a diversity of terrain. Forest, desert and over a mountain summit. Parts of the trail get rocky and slightly technical. Beautiful mountain area. Fun Ride!! One of our best.

Long Lost Creek Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
No width restrictions

Ride leaves from Rally Park.

Ride right from Rally Park and this ride takes you to the backside of the mountains to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The first part of the ride is 30 miles up over a mountain pass and on the BLM roads on the back side of the mountain range. Through the flat sagebrush area we will be traveling the speed limit with few stops. Then you will turn and descend into a mountainous corridor with steep mountains on three sides. A mountain stream parallels us most of the way. Absolutely breathtaking. We are happy to still be able to offer this ride.This might be the last year we can offer this ride. This area is proposed wilderness and we may be closed.
This is a full days ride. 93 miles round trip. Bring extra gas is highly suggested.

Swiss Alps Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride

Trailered ride.
No width restrictions

This is the most beautiful ride we offer at Rally In The Pines. If you can trailer, don't miss this ride.
You will ride into the backside of the tallest peaks in Idaho. Lunch by a beautiful mountain river and be surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.
You trailer 20 miles to the trail head.

Geocaching Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park - Saturday Only
No width restrictions

Love to geocache or want to learn how? On Saturday during the rally "Events Day", we will have a special geocaching ride sponsored by: Fireside Enterprises. You will find official geocaches and the Rally In The Pines geocaches filled with prize ticket vouchers!
Ride Full

Alder Creek/Mammoth Canyon Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride

No width restrictions

Ride leaves from Rally Park. A scenic ride along beautiful Alder Creek and into Mammoth Canyon. Some rocky trail along the way. Mostly an easy scenic ride of appox 35 miles round trip.



Challenge Rides

The Rides Below Are For Experienced Drivers Only. In addition to our challenge rides, we will have maps to
challenge areas available for anyone interested.
These are not part of Rally In The Pines and if you decide to go and
ride these areas, you are riding at your own risk.

On challenge rides we recommend that your Side X Side be equipped with some type of under body protection.

Always carry extra gas.




River Of Rock Ridexxxxxxxxxxx
Challenge Ride
No width restrictions
Police Escort Ride.

This ride takes on the backside of the Copper Basin. You will ride a loop that takes you over and across mountain ridges and down into a remote mountain valley. Very beautiful ride! Lot's of scenic vistas! You will need some horsepower at times. For SXS's and larger ATV's.
We visit a small old mining ghost town along the way.

Arco Pass / Wood Canyon Ride
Challenge Ride
Trailered ride.
Width restriction 64 inches .

You will climb to the top of mountain peaks and passes. Ride across mountain ridges and into deep pine tree forest canyons. Beautiful views. There are areas where the trail narrows and winds through thick forests. You will have an occasional pine tree limb brush against your machine as you maneuver through these wooded areas. Some loose rocks and shale on switch backs and on mountain descents.

Little Rock Falls Ridexxxxxxxxxxxxx
Challenge Ride
Trailered ride.
No width restriction

You will need to trailer 25 miles to the parking area.
Much of this ride is a scenic ride with some skilled and challenge areas. A few places along the trail are quite challenging and will require good driving experience. There are a few rocky areas with drop offs that you must negotiate. This is a fantastic ride and offers a lot of diverse country. You will be riding into a valley with waterfalls from the tops of the mountains, to the valley floor and you will visit a little waterfall right along the trail. After the challenge area, you will ride into the backside of the Wildhorse Mountains.


Rally Lunch Ride

Group Ride - With A Ride Leader Or On Your Own

Scenic Ride

The Rally Lunch Ride will start on Saturday morning
during Rally In The Pines. The Lunch Ride leaves right from Rally Park. We will be offering a complementary
BBQ lunch at a group site on the summit of a mountain pass.
Beautiful location!
The lunch will be served between 11:00am and 2:30pm. Ride on your own or we will have Group Ride Leaders that will take
groups at 10:00am. Your choice.
The ride and the lunch are included with your registration.
Make sure to check the box for the Rally Lunch Ride
when you register and join us!
Space is limited.



Haunted Ghost Town Night Ride
on the Mine Hill

Group Ride - At Your Own Pace
Skilled Scenic Ride

Ride leaves right from Rally Park
On Saturday night during the rally, join in on this self-guided ride that will take you on a scenic spookie adventure around the Mine Hill Loop. Ride at your own pace as you follow the haunted trail where ghosts and goblins will be watching you!
Along this haunted trail, you will stop and visit many old historic sites at the ghost towns. This is where there will be a few scares, fun and refreshments will be served.
The Haunted Mine Hill Night Ride is only on Saturday night, July 8th, 2017.
No special lights are required for this ride, but they sure are sweet!
Space is limited!
Make sure to check the box for this ride when you register and join the fun!

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