Rally In The Pines Self-Guided Rides:

Self-guided rides are for everyone who wants to ride independently and not on a group ride with a group ride leader. All self-guided ride drivers will receive a map with photos and coordinates. Self-guided riders can leave when they want and return when they want. PLEASE, only take your self-guided ride on the day you are scheduled for.

(All of the rides are still pending final approval from the Forest Service.)
Most of the roads and trails in the area have some switchbacks and steep drop offs. None of the rides in the area are for beginners or for people who may be on medication that makes them dizzy or drowsy or have any other physical handicaps that impair their being able to control their machine at all times. The wearing of helmets is greatly encouraged. Having under body protection on your Side X Side on Challenge Rides is a very good idea!
This is the Rocky Mountains! Extra gas should be carried on all Skilled Scenic and Challenge Rides over 75 miles in approved safety gas containers.
No one 17 years of age or younger is permitted to drive on any ride.
Pick Your Adventure!

Scenic Rides: These rides are at a slower pace on easy Forest Service roads and trails. There
will be many stops along the way for photo opportunities.
Great rides for anyone who wants to
take in all the beauty of the area.

Skilled Scenic Rides: This is our most popular category. These rides will require driving skill to complete. They are longer rides and some of the roads and trails will have some rocky or rutted areas.

Challenge Rides: Not only a beautiful ride, but there will be places along the way that will require technical driving skills. Experienced riders only please.


Ride From Rally Park Rides & Trailered Rides
We offer mostly non-trailered rides that leave right from Rally Park, a couple of trailered rides and self guided rides at Rally In The Pines. The non-trailered rides are for those who can not or do not wish to trailer to a trail head for their ride. The non-trailered rides leave right from Rally Park and the trail head will be
appox 1/2 to one mile away. Please see the ride descriptions for more details.
Trailered rides require you to have a way of trailering your machine to the trail head.


Please choose one ride per day from the many great Self-guided Rides and Activity Rides offered:
(You may choose one self-guided ride or an activity ride for each of the three days of the rally)

East Boulder Creek Overlook Ride

Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park.
No width restrictions..

The East Boulder Creek Overlook Ride is an easy scenic ride that takes you to a high mountain ridge that runs along the Salmon River Gorge. There is one main trail that goes for many miles along the ridge. And a few side trails that have some stunning views. This is a wonderful place to explore for a fun days ride.

50 mile round trip

Lewis and Clark Historic Trail Ride
Scenic Ride

Trailered ride. (We may be able to offer a non-trailered option that leaves from Rally Park. We will keep you updated on this)
No width restrictions

You will follow a main part of the Lewis & Clark trail with many stops along the way at historical sites and markers. You can visit the Sacajawea Birthplace Monument, the Flag Unfurled Monument and Lemhi Pass where Lewis and Clark hoped to see the Northwest Passage to the ocean, but only saw more mountain ranges in the distance. Sharkey Hot Springs is also along the way. So if you wish to take a soak, bring your bathing suit.

40 mile round trip

Williams Lake Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park.
No width restrictions

What a ride! The Williams Lake Ride has lot's of diversity. You will ride through thick forests, over mountain ridges and into deep canyons. There are quite a few places along the way where the road gets technical and you need to proceed at a slower pace. This ride is a full days ride and the final destination is Williams Lake. Bring lot's of water and snacks. And extra gas!

110 mile round trip

Swiss Alps Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride

Trailered ride.
No width restrictions

This is one of the most beautiful rides we offer at Rally In The Pines.
You trailer 30 miles to the trail head. From there you will ride BLM and County Roads into the back country. You will ride into the backside of the tallest peaks in Idaho. Lunch by a beautiful mountain river and be surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Iron Lake Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
No width restrictions

Ride leaves from Rally Park.

The Iron Lake Ride is beautiful and easy ride across mountain ridges and into deep forests. Beautiful views along the way. This ride is rated "Skilled Scenic" because of the rides length. Along the way you will see many other trails that can be another days adventure!
Iron lake is a wonderful mountain lake with a Forest Service Campground on it. This is where you can have lunch.

98 mile round trip

Continental Divide Ride
Challenge Ride
Trailered ride. (We may be able to offer a non-trailered option that leaves from Rally Park. We will keep you updated on this)
No width restrictions

Fantastic challenge ride. Ride to the top of the Continental Divide and there are lot's of play areas along the way. This ride takes you up the side of steep mountains with switchbacks all the way to the top. Where you will enjoy views across the entire Salmon River Valley below!!

55 mile round trip

The Rocky Ridge Ridexxxxxxxxxxx
Challenge Ride
No width restrictions
Ride from Rally Park.

Get ready for a great Challenge Ride! You will leave Rally Park and make your way over deep forest trails and mountain ridges. Halfway through this ride you will drop down a steep rocky ridge into the town of Salmon. Here you can choose to have lunch at a variety of restaurants. Or how about visiting the Sacajawea Center and some of the art galleries in town, before you start the ride back to Rally Park.
On this ride you will enjoy fantastic views of the town of Salmon and the Salmon River Valley below. You will have steep, rocky, rutted and narrow areas you must negotiate along the way. This is a fun ride!

60 mile round trip

The South Valley Mountain Loop Ridexxxxxxxxxxx
Challenge Ride
No width restrictions
Trailered Ride with a
Non-Trailered Option. (If you are staying in the town of Salmon, you can leave on this ride right from your motel or RV Park. But, it does require driving your ATV or SxS appox 12 miles on county roads to reach the trail head. Your self-guided ride map will show this non-trailered option on it)

The South Valley Mountain Loop Ride takes you along beautiful mountain creeks and into high mountain basins. This loop trail goes around two mountain peaks with lot's of side trails to explore. The trail gets rocky, steep and technical in some areas. Beautiful ride with lot's of terrain diversity.

75 mile round trip

The Bonus Ride For 2018:


Haunted Stage Stop Dinner Ride
Night Ride
And Light Parade!
Scenic Ride

Join in the fun either Thursday or Friday night for the
Haunted Stage Stop Dinner Night Ride and a Light Parade back to Rally Park.
(You can take the dinner ride in addition to a day ride on Friday. There is time for both.)
You will enjoy a beautiful scenic ride to the old stage stop and general store that is from the
gold rush times. Watch out for the ghosts and spooks along the way!
There you will have a delicious BBQ brisket dinner with all the fixin's from
the award winning Pitmasters.

Make sure to check the box for the Haunted Stage Stop Dinner Ride when
you register if you wish to join us!
Space is limited. Please register for either Thursday or Friday night.

(45 mile round trip)

Choose one or more of the Rally In The Pines Activity Rides below:
All Activity Rides leave from Rally Park, they are full day rides and there is no width restrictions.

Ghost Town Lunch Ride

Skilled Scenic Ride
The Rally Lunch Ride will be offered on Friday and Saturday
during Rally In The Pines.
The Lunch Ride leaves right from Rally Park. We will be offering a complementary BBQ lunch at a historic Old Ghost Town!
It is a beautiful and interesting location!
The lunch will be served between 11:00am and 2:30pm. Ride on your own or we will have Group Ride Leaders that will take groups at 10:00am. Your choice.
The ride and the lunch are included with your registration.
Make sure to check the box for the Rally Lunch Ride when you register and
join us! Space is limited.

(43 mile round trip)


Hunting For Bigfoot ~ Fun Run!

Skilled Scenic Ride

Can you find Bigfoot on this fantastic skilled scenic loop ride? The ride takes you across mountain ridges and along the sides of mountains where you will have beautiful vista views. Then down into deep pine forests while you look for the elusive Bigfoot.
Three fun stops along the way where you can win prizes and receive special sponsored give-a-ways!
What a fun ride!!

The Hunt For Bigfoot Fun Run will be offered on Saturday only.
(55 mile round trip)

GPS Discovery Scenic Loop Ride

Skilled Scenic Ride

It's not a competition, but this ride is modeled after the "Amazing Race".
You start off at Rally Park with one packet of coordinates, clues and photos. You follow these coordinates, clues and photos to your first destination. There you will find a new packet of coordinates, clues and photos. Then you follow these to your next destination and so on. And each destination on this ride is one of the great points of interest in the area. So you will see many beautiful sites along the way, until your last set of coordinates, clues and photos brings you back to Rally Park.
(50 mile round trip)


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