Rally In The Pines
Self-Guided Adventure Rides:

Rally In The Pines is pleased to offer all new Self-Guided Adventure Rides! All drivers on these rides will receive full color maps,
GPS coordinates and photos that will show you the way to beautiful destinations. The amount of machines on each of these
rides will be limited, so sign up early for best selection.
Bring your GPS to Rally In The Pines and get ready to have a great adventure!

Scenic Rides: Great rides for anyone who wants to take in all the beauty of the area on a
fun easy ride.

Skilled Scenic Rides: This is our most popular category. These rides will require driving skill to complete. They are longer rides and many of the roads and trails will have some rocky or rutted areas.

Challenge Rides: Not only a beautiful ride, but there will be places along the way that will require technical driving skills. Experienced riders only please.

Most of the roads and trails in the area have some switchbacks and drop offs. None of the rides in the area are for beginners or for people who may be on medication that makes them dizzy or drowsy or have any other physical handicaps that impair their being able to control their machine at all times. The wearing of helmets is greatly encouraged. Having under body protection on your Side X Side is a very good idea! This is the Rocky Mountains!
No one 17 years of age or younger is permitted to drive on any ride.


The Self-Guided Adventure riders will have their own Police Escort that leaves right from Rally Park each morning and returns each afternoon. This Police Escort is for the rides that go into the Copper Basin and north of Mackay.
Please check the Schedule Of Events for times.

Many Great Rides To Choose From:

Mine Hill Loop Adventure Ride
Scenic Ride
No width restrictions
Ride from Rally Park.

The Mine Hill Loop Ride takes you for an adventure into the past. You can ride and explore the mining heritage and ghost towns of the area. This is an easy scenic ride and you can make lot's of stops to explore and photo opportunities. You will be provided with one of the Historical Societies special tour maps. Appox a 40 mile round trip.

Muldoon Canyon Adventure Ride
Scenic Ride
Police Escort
No width restrictions

Your map and coordinates will guide you on the Copper Basin Loop to Muldoon Canyon. You will follow Muldoon Creek into the high country. One of our most beautiful rides. If you stay along the creek, this is an easy ride. If you take the side road up to the top of the mountain to Green Lake trail, this is a skilled Scenic Ride. Your choice! Either way, this is a wonderful adventure. Appox 80 mile round trip.

Swiss Alps Adventure Ride
Scenic Ride

Ride from Rally Park.
No width restrictions

This is the most beautiful ride we offer at Rally In The Pines. And we have found a back way into The Swiss Alps that does not involve trailering. It does increase the mileage to appox 115 miles round trip. And you will have to travel appox 10 miles of county roads and 20 miles of BLM roads to get there. But once you do, the payoff is spectacular!!
You ride into the backside of the tallest peaks in Idaho. You can enjoy lunch by a beautiful cascading mountain river and be surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Iron Bog Adventure Ride xxx
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride from Rally Park
No width restrictions

The trail you take follows many mountain streams and into an area where the mountains tower over you. One of the trails you will follow has rocks and ruts. This is a Skilled Scenic Ride for all widths of machines and it leaves right from Rally Park. This ride goes into the same area as The Needles Ride, but goes much farther in. You will travel appox 20 miles on county dirt roads. Appox. 110 mile round trip, depending on how much exploring you do!

Long Lake Adventure Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park with the Police escort.
50 inch width restrictions

This self-guided ride takes you into a beautiful area where you will travel a narrow rocky trail to a beautiful alpine lake. Take your fishing pole and a picnic lunch, you will want to sit a spell and take in the astounding beauty of this area.
This ride is in the same area as our Big Lake Guided Ride, but the trail is not as technical. Appox. 70 mile round trip.


Geocaching Adventure Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
Ride leaves from Rally Park
No width restrictions

If you love to go geocaching, you can pick up a list of geocache locations and a map at the Fireside Enterprises booth and head out for adventure. And win prizes too! The geocaches are on some of the most beautiful trails in the area.
The Rally In The Pines
geocaching is sponsored by: Fireside Enterprises. You will find official geocaches and the Rally In The Pines geocaches filled with prize ticket vouchers!

SXS Rally

Black Tail Canyon Adventure Ride
50 inch width restrictions
Skilled Scenic Ride with one challenge area
Ride leaves from Rally Park.

This Self-Guided Adventure Ride takes you through a diversity of terrain. Forest, desert and over a mountain summit. Parts of the trail get rocky and slightly technical. Beautiful mountain area. Expect steep switchbacks.
Fun Ride!! One of our best. Appox. a 50 mile round trip.

Mountain View Adventure Ride
Skilled Scenic/Challenge Ride
No width restrictions

This is a fantastic ride that takes you through the sagebrush foothills, up into the thick forest and then you climb up to the top of a mountain saddle to overlook some of the highest peaks in Idaho. What a ride!!! It is appox. a 100 round trip. Depending on how much exploring you do... The ride is for all widths of machines. Defiantly great for the larger SxS!
It will be rated "Skilled Scenic/Challenge", because it does have 3 challenge spots on it. Two of the spots have a by pass around them. And near the end of the trail, the last challenge spot is a steeper accent and no by pass. 


River Of Rock Adventure Ride
Challenge Ride
No width restrictions
Police Escort Ride.

This self-guided ride takes on the backside of the Copper Basin. You will ride a loop that takes you over and across mountain ridges and down into a remote mountain valley. Very beautiful ride! Lot's of scenic vistas! You will need some horsepower at times. For SXS's and larger ATV's.
You can visit a small old mining ghost town along the way.
Appox a 65 mile round trip depending on how much you explore.


Copper Basin Overlook Adventure Ride xxx
Challenge Ride
Police Escort
No width restrictions

The Copper Basin Overlook Ride takes a little used trail off to the side of the Copper Basin Loop. You will climb to the tops of the mountains and go across the ridge line. There are areas that are quite steep and with loose rock that you must negotiate to reach the top. There you will enjoy a 360 view of the surrounding mountain ranges. Great place to enjoy your lunch.
This is a beautiful ride. Appox. 65 mile round
trip, depending on how much you explore.

Two of the above Self-Guided Rides are included with your registration.
In addition, please choose one Lunch Ride for either Friday or Saturday,
or you can choose Lunch Rides for both days!



Each Lunch Ride will have optional side trips. There will be Scenic, Skilled Scenic and Challenge Ride side trips that you can ride before and/or after you go to the lunch.
All of the side trips are near the lunch area and maps and coordinates will be provided. These side trips are different than the self-guided rides above.

Rally Lunch Rides

There will be two Rally Lunch Rides for 2017 at two different locations.
One on Friday and one on Saturday.
The Friday Lunch Ride is at beautiful Mammoth Canyon. This Lunch
Ride will have optional side trips that are west of Mackay for your riding enjoyment. And live entertainment by Acoustic Reflections.
The Saturday Lunch Ride will have lunch on a mountain summit pass,
the Loristica Campground, with a large campfire and buffalo burgers.
There will be optional side trips east of Mackay for your riding pleasure
that you can ride before or after lunch.
Both Lunch Rides leaves right from Rally Park and will have
buffalo burgers with all the fixins', chips, cookies and a drink.
The lunch will be served between 11:30am and 2:30pm each day.
The ride and the lunch are included with your registration.
Make sure to check the box for the Rally Lunch Ride
when you register and join us for one Lunch Ride or for both!

Space is limited.



Haunted Ghost Town Night Ride

Ride At Your Own Pace
Skilled Scenic Ride

Ride leaves right from Rally Park
On Saturday night during the rally, join in on this self-guided ride that will take you on a scenic spookie adventure around the Mine Hill Loop. Ride at your own pace as you follow the haunted trail where ghosts and goblins will be watching you!
Along this haunted trail, you will stop and visit many old historic sites at the ghost towns. This is where there will be a few scares, fun and refreshments will be served.
The Haunted Mine Hill Night Ride is only on Saturday night, July 8th, 2017.
No special lights are required for this ride, but they sure are sweet!
Space is limited!
If you would like to go on the Haunted Ghost Town Night Ride, please make sure to check the box for this ride when you register and join the fun! Space is limited!

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